Our poop can actually determine if we are healthy or not

Most people do not feel comfortable with the idea of discussing pooping. However, that can actually limit you from determining some hidden notions regarding your health that can be seen through the attributes your poop shows. Most of us do not pay attention to how our poop looks but studies show it is beneficial to observe it as it poses our health condition. The changes in the bowel movement can be affected by numerous factors. It could be due to change in diet or when your body is protecting you from an infection or virus and in some bad cases when we are in a serious condition,

Dr. Eric Esrailian, section head in general gastroenterology of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, stated that “Bowel Movements are important for your health because they are the body’s natural way of excreting waste from the body.”

Section head in general gastroenterology of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA,Dr. Eric Esrailian, claimed that “Bowel Movements are important for your health because they are the body’s natural way of excreting waste from the body.” While Dr. Bernard Aserkoff of the GI Unit in Massachusetts General Hospital explained that our excretion is brown because of bile produced in the liver.

Keep in mind that a normal poop you should attain should have a smooth and soft look and should be long and uncut. It could have the shape of “S” and the texture should be equal or even. So here are the kinds of poop that most people have, read and learn if they are safe or might some health warnings.

Small and hard and lumpy
Small and hard lumpy poop could signify the small intestine’s acute inflammation. They appear small, solid and abrasive which has a length of a couple centimeters only. This is common to occur with people who are under the prescription of antibiotics as this could mildly change the intestinal bacteria.Antibiotic scrapes way too much of the bowel’s “good” and harmless bacteria that the harmful “bad” ones turn aggressive, leaving you with loose bowel or sometimes even diarrhea. Unfortunately, because of its hard texture, this type of poop can cause anal bleeding. It is better to take your time while doing the deed and not to rush as that can cause more damage, also water intake is crucial so you will not be dehydrated.

Sausage-shaped with lumps
Also, this type of excretion could lead to anal bleeding. It possesses a length of 3-5 centimeters. This usually happens to people suffering from IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome.This may also mean that you are not mindful of drinking enough water and are constipated. More than the reason that constipation gives you comfort, you must think about the waste not being properly released can lead to appetite loss, back pain, the strain that could lead to hemorrhoids and worse issues such as colon cancer.

Sausage-shaped with cracked surface
It is actually a normal kind of poop, having the “s” shape. Though the cracks might indicate a bit of dehydration. It is almost the same appearance with number 2 type, without the lumps and therefore our bodies release this faster.

People who have a normal bowel movement, at least once a day possess this type of poop. It has a smooth appearance and soft texture. This is the ideal type of poop a person should aim for. You might be able to achieve it through a good diet and an effort to have a regular schedule for pooping.

Soft blobs with defined edges
This means that you have a very active metabolism. Though it might be inconvenient that some people have to go to the restroom every after meal, it is actually good since you are free from colon cancer worries.

This type of poop shares similarities with the ones you have when you are suffering from diarrhea. However, this could happen when constipation is also present. It could also signal that the body is going through some kind of disease or issue, yet it still depends on its color and odor.

Black or bright red
This tells that the poop is bleeding the GIT or gastrointestinal tract, the stomach, and the intestines. It might be best to get a consultation with your doctor because bleeding is never normal.

Fluffy poop with ragged and torn edges
This poop has a soft texture. Watch out because it is an indication that you might be stressed or have a high blood pressure. Be wary of your stress levels. If you manage it well, look at the difference in your poop.

Pale brown or white
Not the best news since this tells that the person has hepatitis, cirrhosis or even pancreatic disease.

Gallbladder issues must be considered when you have this type of poop,

The frequency and odor of your bowel movement also indicate more underlying health issues. As for the odor, even if you have a regular bathroom trip would not mean that you’ll have unscented poop. however, the normal smell is scented but does not have a strong odor. If you do not defecate as much as you should, go for probiotics, laxatives or tea to help your release. On the other hand, if you go way too much to the bathroom, you must track your diet and observe if you have an intolerance to some food.l

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