How to eat Ampalaya to aid digestion, lower blood sugar and breakdown kidney stones

Every time that you are consuming processed and fatty foods, your body gets exhausted and is now prone to the accumulation of toxins in both liver and kidneys.

The major organ in the body, which is responsible for filtering the toxins, as well as metabolizing the fats, is the liver. With a troubled liver, the kidney may also suffer from the toxicity in the blood that will result to the accumulation of toxins which eventually causes diseases.

One of the best ways in order to support the functions both of the liver and kidney is to detoxify it by consuming bitter vegetables and herbs.

A lot of people love to eat sweets and hate the bitter taste that most of the vegetables contain; as a result, they are missing out on the amazing benefits of these foods.

The bitter taste is usually connected with poisonous chemical components just like alkaloids that can be found in plants.

The bitter tastes are meant to discourage animals from consuming them. Nonetheless, consuming small amounts of these bitter foods are essential for healing. Even the animals know that they need to consume bitters when they are sick.

So now, if that’s the case, then why do we have to consume bitters?

Even though the bitter plant foods that I will be mentioning later contains a lot of both nutritional and medicinal ingredients, the bitter taste itself activates a variety if essential physiological responses.

Bitters have the ability to stimulate the secretion of digestive acids that helps in improving the digestion of foods and even the proper absorption of their nutrients.

People who are suffering from acid reflux may actually benefit from consuming some bitters before a meal in order to enhance adequate stomach acid for better digestion.

They can actually improve digestion and regularity; it can reduce food sensitivity reactions, as well as treating leaky guts and improves the health of gut flora. A healthy digestive system is really important to have a healthy body.

Bitters have the ability to enhance appetite as well as to make the normal digestive signals stronger.

Because of the better absorption of the nutrients, consuming your meal with some bitters will actually assist you in making you feel satisfied and preventing overeating that may lead to weight gain.

To make it simple, consuming bitters may be beneficial for the management of weight. They can also manipulate the secretion of mucus in the stomach that defends ulcers, thus aids in the treatment of it.

Bitters have been known as an alkaline and they are really beneficial for the reduction of the acids in the body.
An acidic body is more prone to “host” parasites and even viruses that results to numerous diseases.

Bitters also support the functions of the endocrine glands that help in balancing the levels of the hormones, as well as lowering the blood sugar levels. This makes bitter foods as an essential addition to a diabetic’s diet.

They are also excellent in enhancing both of the function of liver and gallbladder by the means of detoxifying toxins that leads to inflammation and diseases.

Consuming bitters, particularly the bitter melon, can be really beneficial in getting rid of the kidney stones in the body in a natural way by breaking them down. Bitter melon releases high acid that funds to the formation of painful kidney stones.

Now the question is, how can we benefit from bitters? As we have mentioned above, the bitter plant foods contain a lot of both nutritional and medicinal properties.

However, in order to completely benefit from what the bitter foods can actually do, it is important to taste its bitterness, which activates the neural reflexes and hormones released as a result of the stimulation of bitter taste receptors.

Do not try to cover the bitter taste with honey or other kind of sweeteners because it only defeats the purpose of bitters. In the same way, by eating the bitter foods in either capsules or pills, you will miss out on their amazing health benefits.

If you really want to benefit from all of the benefits that it provides, then you have to endure its bitterness.

The moment you are eating them, think about the health benefits that it contains and what it can do to you.

Another good thing about bitter gourd is that it can break down kidney stones. How is that possible? Through the help of a juice made of this plant, which we will be teaching you to make.

In order to break down kidney stones, make bitter gourd juice and consume about 6 ounces of it every day for at least one month. Kidney stones will be soon broken down and removed in urination.

First, you’ll need to prepare 6 to 8 pieces of small bitter gourd or 3 pieces of huge bitter gourd. (Rinse clean and get rid of its seeds), ¼ organic lemon with peel, and 1 tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil.

The juice is easy to prepare and won’t cost too much of your money.

Extract both bitter gourd and lemon and then add a tablespoon of olive oil. Utilize a mini immersion blender in order to blend the olive oil into the juice before you consume it.

Repeat this method on a daily basis and drink a lot of water. After the third day you will eventually feel that the stones are being eliminated in your urination.

Reminder: Bitter gourd juice is extremely bitter and powerful. If you are not used to consuming bitter, I recommend you to try it first in small amounts and see if you have any reaction with it.

If you are pregnant, nursing or on a prescription of medications, undergoing on any therapy, it is advised not to consume excessive bitters because they are extremely detoxifying and your body may react differently.

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