These are the power of Tawa-tawa against numerous kinds of diseases

If you are from the Philippines, the herb called Tawa-tawa might place a smile on your face since its name directly translates to laugh, twice. However, the ability of this herb to aid numerous diseases should be taken seriously.

Its scientific name is Euphorbia hirta and was also given names such as Gatas-gatas, linked to its juice that is somewhat similar to milk’s consistency, and Asthma weed for its notorious properties aiding in relieving asthma attacks.

It is a hairy herb that is very much abundant both in India and the Philippines, basically growing everywhere; chances of finding this pantropical weed is high if you search for them on roadsides, waste areas, pathways and open grassland.

Tawa-tawa plant also comes with tons of benefits to offer.

A 2012 study from the National U.S. government states that Tawa-tawa is an excellent source of anti-diarrheal, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anthelmintic, anti-asthmatic, sedative, anti-spasmodic,anti-amoebic, anti-fertility, anti-fungal, and antimalarial properties.

With all these being mentioned, Tawa-tawa is indeed old but gold! It is also known to be used by Indians as an Ayurvedic medicine many centuries ago, up to the present time.

The complex compounds it contains provides tremendous curative agents to fight diseases; among those are alkanes, phytosterols, tannins, polyphenols, triterpenoids, amino acids, alkaloids, and flavonoids. Here are the other benefits of tawa-tawa plant.

1. A Great Source to Increase platelet production (for malaria and dengue fever). A sudden onset of high fever, nose bleeding, and low platelet count are symptoms of the dengue fever. It has been an ongoing struggle for most Filipinos since Dengue-carrying mosquitoes apparently enjoy Philippine’s climate.

The epidemic was quite severe that a study in 2008 published by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific of the World Health Organization recorded 9,620 dengue cases with 373 fatalities were reported in the country.

Researchers knew that blood transfusion is always difficult especially with the nature of this disease since it can kill a person within hours. They proposed a new treatment to increase platelet count through extracting tawa-tawa since it is believed that the plant possesses a property that increases platelets.

Using this alternative can substitute the expensive and time-consuming method of blood transfusion. The experiment was first tested on mice, specifically Sprague-Dawley.

The result of the said experiment exhibited the effect of tawa- tawa extract in increasing the platelet count of rats without notable effects in red blood cell and white blood cell counts.

It was also concluded that stimulation of the platelet production in the bone marrow made the increasing platelet property of tawa-tawa work.

If you are wondering how this plant helps in platelet increase, here’s a guide to making the famous Tawa- tawa tea;

Get 5 whole tawa tawa plants, cut off the roots, then wash and clean, simply boil tawa tawa in a pot of water, make sure it’s clean, pour the liquid and then let cool, and drink 1 glass 3 to 4 times a day.

However, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first before administering any other treatment especially if your patient is on medication as it may have adverse reactions.

2. Helps Eliminate bacteria. To make use of its anti-bacterial benefits you’ll need to preparing 25 grams of plant per two cups water, boiling them for three minutes.

Taking three to five cups a day will be ideal. This works because it was discovered that plant ethanol extracts are able to inhibit bacterial growth.

It is also notable that tawa-tawa aside from being anti-bacterial is also noncytotoxic which means it does not possess any harmful toxic to the cells.

3. Cures skin problems. Good for treatment of sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. How to use it? Apply fresh latex to sores, boils, warts, fungi and open wounds. Sprinkle dried or fresh powdered leaves as wound dressings. Moreover, the sap of tawa-tawa when applied directly is also effective for removing skin herpes.

4. Aids diarrhea/ Dysentery. Taking in small doses can calm the digestive system while large quantities have a purgative effect.

Steeping a teaspoon of leaves in one cup water for eight to ten minutes is how you should prepare it.Take four glasses a day.

5. Kills body parasitic worms. It is an effective dewormer, and worm eggs killer. As mentioned above it has purgative effects. The administration is the same as antibacterial where you’ll need 25 grams of its leaves good for two cups of boiling water. Take as much as three to five cups a day

6. Increases fertility by reducing sperm motility. It might be a bit outdated since there are many modern medications for this, however it is also important that Tawa-tawa has the number of special effects when it comes to sexual health.

Also, antiviral and sterile qualities make it very effective in treating venereal diseases and urinary tract infections.

7. Stress and anxiety reliever. It works as a Sedative, helps in treating anxiety. The application is the same as antibacterial.

8. Lowering blood pressure. Tawa Tawa Tea lowers blood pressure by being an anti-diuretic agent. Steeping one to three teaspoons of leaves in one cup water for five minutes and drinking two glasses as a tonic will help it counteract high blood pressure.

It has the properties to inhibit the activity of angiotensin converting enzyme while increasing urine output and electrolytes.

9. Prevents allergies. The shikinic acid and choline found in tawa-tawa are accounted for stopping early and late stage allergy. The mode of application is also the same for antibacterial.

10. Cures inflammation. This is where Tawa-tawa got its name Asthma Weed.

Breathing conditions such as asthma, sore throats, and chronic coughing, as well as a state of affairs like bronchitis, can all be soothed by the anti-inflammatory nature of the aromatic plant.

Tawa- tawa can be consumed in many different ways, Aside from making tea or simply boiling its leaves, capsules are also available in most drugstores. However just like any other substance, administering this herb should be considered in terms of quantities and time period.

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