5 foods we should eat when we are constipated or bloated

Constipation has been known as a common problem that most of people suffer from, once in a while of their lifetime. There are a lot of things that causes constipation and it includes disease of the digestive system, as well as the side effects of other medications, but most of people, a diet that is low in fiber may actually be the reason behind.

The symptoms of constipation may actually include hard stools, anal fissures, anal tears, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, abdominal pain, discomfort and swelling, bloating, as well as aggravation of hernias and loss of appetite.

Bloating, on the other hand, is being experienced by a lot of people that is never been pleasant. It makes the jeans of every people feel a little tighter, it also fill up the stomach and there are times where it can actually give people gas, as well as an uncomfortable feeling of pressure.

Bloating can actually happen temporarily, but you can assist your body out by chewing on several bloat-boosting foods, as well as eluding various foods that result to bloating.

Both of constipation and bloating can sometimes or almost always felt in the morning and some people choose to just simply drink some medicine in order to soothe the feeling.

Fortunately there are a lot of foods that a person can actually consume in order to aid in relieving both of constipation and bloating. We will be giving you tips, as well to know what are the foods to avoid that can make your bloating and constipation even worse.

When you are planning a healthy diet, it will help you to address both of these problems if you will include a lot of high-fiber choices in helping you to stay regular and even to give relief. Solve this kind of health issue in a natural way. Here is a list of foods that are really great for breakfast meals.

HERBAL TEA. Acidity in the body is being elevated whenever you consume a caffeinated or even a carbonated drink and this reason may actually result to heartburn.

As an alternative in drinking those kind of drinks, why not try consuming a herbal tea in the morning in order to prevent bloating and to promote a healthy digestion? These teas can actually aid food in passing through the stomach, as well as relieving gas. Just simply consume on your choice of iced or hot tea with some slice or two of lemon or ginger.

This will create a perfect combination for your breakfast meal and you can also try to make it a regular habit of yours.

APPLE. The famous saying that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” has been known for a lot of ages now but people do not really know that it is more than just that.

A small apple with the skin on it contains at least 3.6 grams of fiber. The peels of a lot of fruits contain insoluble fiber, which works as a natural laxative. In addition to that, an apple contains pectin which has the ability to improve the wellness of the intestine.

It can also enhance satiety, as well as decreases the frequency of constipation.

PINEAPPLE AND PAPAYA. Papaya has been well-known due to its content of papain, which has the ability to aid in digestion, as well as the breakdown of protein.

Thinly slices of this fruit and a couple of it with a finely sliced pieces of grilled chicken for a minute meal or a cut into cubes and top with shredded coconut for a sweet treat.

This will actually help you in having a good meal and a healthy one, too, for your digestion.

On the other hand, it may seem counter intuitive, but consuming a lot of water and eating different types of fruits and vegetables with high water content can actually aid in lessening bloating.

One of example of these is pineapple, which has been known as a delicious and tropical fruit.

Pineapple is great at flushing your system out due to the combination of enzymes that it has. It contains an enzyme which is called bromelain that can assist in digesting proteins.

According to Blahut, “It has been concluded that bromelain has the ability to lessen inflammation, as well as to help in decreasing bloating. Pineapples are also loaded with potassium that will aid in fighting against water retention that was caused by consuming foods that are packed with salt.”

Both of the above-mentioned fruits, which are papaya and pineapple, contain enzymes that are beneficial in the digestion process.

In order to achieve most favorable digestive health, try creating and consuming an easy smoothie that was made with real papaya, with the combination of pineapple and kiwi. However, any of these fruits can stand alone as a great smoothie.

KIWI. Kiwi has been usually called as the “small but terrible” kind of fruit. It contains a lot of fiber compared to a banana. It is packed with potassium, copper and even Vitamin C. It is a super fruit due to its high fiber content that is really great your body, particularly in detoxifying and bowel cleansing.

This delicious green flesh of the kiwi may be the one that your doctor is recommending for you because it can relieve constipation.

A medium size kiwi has at least 2.5 grams of fiber a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are needed for a good heath, which includes the intestines.

STEEL OATS AND FRUITS. Rolled oats has been known to have less fiber content than the steel oats that contain more.

This fiber can actually help in dissolving water, as well as softening the stool and making it a lot easier to pass through the intestines. With a little amount of honey, fruits and milk, you have created your own breakfast meal.

Oats does not only contain a huge amount of fiber but it is also helpful for the heart due to its omega-3 fatty acids, as well as potassium and foliate content.

These are the foods which can aid you in acquiring some relief from both constipation and bloating. Don’t forget to share this article!

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