Our finger shape can determine our personality and health risk – Learn how

Personality is what we call to describe a person’s characteristics. How a person feels at certain things, how he behaves, and how he view thinks can also be referred as such.

Have you ever wondered why everyone’s personality differ with each other? There are even points when you clash with another person because of his/personality.
Or why are there times when you just met someone and your personality just clicked and you get along so well? Like you get the feeling that you know each other for a long time.
It’s true. Some personalities match well, while some others don’t. But do you know that there is a way to figure out one’s personality even without spending time with them? You can even check yours if you want.

Stare closely at your fingers. Observe how they are shaped. Are they long? Pointy? What about your nails?
Pay close attention to it because its shape has the ability to tell so much about your own personality as an individual. It may sound a little weird and silly but you will be surprised at how these things can be so true.
Are you done? Now, choose among the three finger shapes. What shape are yours?

If the shape of you fingers is the same as the first one then you are the type of person who tends to hide his/her emotion.
You are not very open when it comes to your feelings and you don’t share them with others so easily. This may be because you don’t want to burden others or you don’t want then to feel bad.
You may be hurting inside but no one ever knew it. You’re that good at hiding your feelings.

And because you hide your emotions, you appear to be a strong person. You always do your best show yourself that you are stronger than you really are.
You are the type of person who hate lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty so much. Simply because they goes against your principles which you firmly believe in.
Your friends may like you for being strong, but because of this, most people will see you as very eccentric and arrogant.

However, you are only generally cold with people that you don’t actually know but you are extremely emotional when it comes to both your friends and family.Behind your strong image to other people, you are such a softie inside, you are kind and compassionate, and you can easily connect to others.
You have a big heart, love to help other people, and enjoy having a good quality of laugh as long as you are amused.

If your fingers are shaped just like in the middle, then you are the type that is not entirely confident with him/herself.
You don’t like to be the first one when it comes to approaching someone and you find it very difficult to talk to strangers. You also don’t like taking initiatives to start a conversation with other people.
In other words, you are the reserved and shy type of person.

However, deep down inside, you have a very sensitive soul. You are very kind and loving, and tend to give your all to those people you hold dear.
You easily fall in love and is extremely loyal and devoted when you fall for someone. And because you give so much love, you are also scared of being not loved back. Getting yourself hurt scares you.
Still, when you set your mind on something, you can’t be stopped. You will pursue it, leaving your fears and inhibitions behind.

Meanwhile, if the shape of your fingers is that of the first one on the right, then you are one of the angels here on earth. You are the most empathetic, you can easily connect and relate with other people’s feelings.
You have the biggest heart. You forgive easily and don’t hold a grudge. You can let go of the things that made you upset without hesitations. You are very respectful, and gives honor to other people’s beliefs and opinions even if they contradict yours.
It’s like you want to save everyone from loneliness and you don’t want anyone feeling left out.

That may be, but even angels have their vices. You big ego can cause trouble sometimes. You tend to be a little too bossy and annoy others but still, you’re still the first one to apologize.
You are very clear on the things that you like and dislikes. Very straightforward, you draw clear lines as borders. You specifically life unfairness and you often blurt out your abhorrence to such.
You are also not very fond of stepping outside the box and other changes.

So, did we got it right? Is your personality spot on? Then don’t forget to like and share!

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