Which one is damaging our health: Lukewarm water vs Cold water

There are only two types of person in this world. First is someone who drinks lukewarm water in the morning, and other one starts his day by drinking cold water. Which one are you?

Honestly, both lukewarm and cold water has their own benefits to offer.
For example, cold water can assist the body in getting rid of the toxins, as well as stimulating the process, while lukewarm water helps in waking up and giving people energy early in the morning.
But these benefits can only be called “benefits” in specific times. But before we go there, let us know first the importance of the two to our health.

The first major health benefits of drinking a glass or lukewarm water in the morning is that it assist you in gaining the best shape that you are aiming for and it will help you to lose weight fast.
Drinking lukewarm water after wake up will activate your digestive system for it to work properly throughout the day. It can also help boost the digestion process which prevents indigestion.
Additionally, based on a research which includes a group of overweight females, warm water contains positive effects in their weight in just 8 weeks and it can also lessen the BMI or their Body Mass Index and appetite.

What has been mentioned earlier about lukewarm water improving the digestion process was justified through a study. Moreover, consuming a cup of lukewarm water in the morning can also boost your bowel movements.
At least 58% of the patients in the study who are suffering from irregular bowel movements before have experienced meaningful improvements after only a day.

This habit can actually improve the absorption of the nutrients in the body.

Lukewarm water can aid in soothing any pain inhabiting your body. Consuming a lukewarm cup of water can actually relieve a sore throat, as well as to decrease both of the pain and swelling.

This can actually assist you in eating if you are having a hard time swallowing immediately after a sip or two.

Aside from this, lukewarm water has the ability to soothe a lot of digestive issues by relaxing the muscles of the stomach.

Not only that but it can also assist you to let the blood flow freely, or it helps you to restore your healthy circulation.
Drinking a cup of lukewarm water in the morning can actually boost the flow of the blood. Based on the studies, the lukewarm water can actually increase the flow of the blood in tissues, which decreases when it is no longer exposed to heat.
This will also warm up your entire body from within and jumpstart a lot of body functions.

On the other hand, cold water is the best to drink during exercises or even after a tiring workout.
This is because at post-exercise moments, the body temperature is already high. So to lower your temperature and to bring it back to your normal one, you’ll need cold water for the job.
Cold water is an excellent post-work out drink that will not only refresh you but will also keep you healthy.

Aside from that, cold water is also best to drink, especially on a hot day, to fight against heat stroke.

If it’s really hot and there is scorching heat, chances of having heatstroke is very high. So at home or wherever you are, drink plenty of cold water to make sure you won’t experience such illness.

During summer, cold water is definitely good for your health because the body absorbs it more quickly than lukewarm water, making you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Now that we know the benefits of drinking lukewarm and cold water, which is better? Which is a better way to start of your day?
Studies show that consuming lukewarm water is better than taking cold water because it can provide more health benefits and as mentioned, there are only specific times when cold water is advisable.

On normal days when it’s not too hot, cold water can be harmful to your health. Why drinking cold water is bad?

Indeed, a glass of cold water in a summer vacation appears to be great because it has the ability to relax your mind, but cold water is not actually good for your entire health.

However on a regular day, drinking cold water is harmful for digestion. This is because your temperature will decrease so your body uses energy to rise it.

As you eat, your body will use excessive energy to digest and breakdown the food, and to rise your temperature, which will eventually sap your energy and make you tired.

This why it is better to consume lukewarm water (room temperature), it is far healthier and it contains positive effects on your entire health.

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