Early warning signs of breast cancer that every woman should know

Breast cancer has been known as one of the most common cancers to human in this world. This kind of cancer is the most typical cancer a woman may experience, and the 2nd cause of cancer death next to lung cancer.

Before we dig deeper into our topic, first let us know what is breast cancer. It is the excessive cell growth in the part of the breast which affects the connective tissues, lobules, and glands responsible for producing breast milk.
Breast cancer can be differentiated as ductal carcinoma which is the most common type that begins in the milk duct; and lobular carcinoma wherein cancer starts in the lobules.
Aside from that, breast cancer may also be categorized as invasive and non-invasive.

As women usually have this type of cancer, women and a lot had been raising awareness about it. Early warning signs have been published for the information of everybody and how will you examine them.Many movements involving women are on the move to let every woman, as well as their family, know about everything they need to know about breast cancer.
Also, with such purpose, here is the list of how you could examine your breasts for cancer symptoms:

The first symptom that you should check is if there is a presence of tenderness and pain in the armpits.
Cancer has the ability to spread to the other parts of your body through the lymph nodes. If the lymph nodes in your armpit have been affected, a lump or a swelling can eventually felt and seen.
Be aware of these lumps for it can become an indication of developing breast cancer.

You may also experience having abnormal shape of nipples and sudden discharge is present if breast cancer is developing in you.
This is the very first thing that a woman will actually notice if there is something wrong in their breasts. If there is abnormality that can be seen in your nipples, then there is a possibility that there is a developing tumor or growing inside it.
Discharge can also be noticed if the nipples are squeezed and an unlikely discharge comes out other than the breast milk.

Sudden loss of weight may be because of loss of appetite or may happen because you’re just not in the mood to eat. But it can also indicate a lot of things and one of those is having breast cancer.
If you unexpectedly lose some weight, more likely 10 pounds or a lot more then you have to start to think again because you might be suffering from cancer.Different types of cancer particularly having issues in your throat, stomach, as well as lungs and pancreas.

You should also pay attention to uneven skin with the presence of itchiness and dimpling in the breast area because it may be a sign that you have breast cancer.
If there you can notice that there are small blue marks that are similar to hemorrhages and your skin looks scaly which is beyond what is normal, you have to consult your doctor. These are some of the indication of cancer. When there is itching, there will be inflammation also. This could be an inflammatory breast cancer.
Dimpling in the breast area is then best described when you have cellulite like dimpled skin which is similar to the appearance of an orange peel.

Now that we know what breast cancer is and what are its symptoms, let us now know who are more at risk to suffer from this.
As women age, they become more prone to having breast cancer. This is especially when one reached 20 years of age. It can also be hereditary or when someone in your family had breast cancer, it be transmitted to you genetically.
You should also be careful if you have a history of breast lumps or cancer because there is a chance that you may experience them again.

High level of exposure to estrogen may also increase your risk of having breast cancer. This may be because of having periods at an early age, or being menopause later than usual.
These circumstances heightened estrogen levels, thus increasing the risk of breast cancer.
On the other hand, breast feeding for more than one year helps in lessening the risk of having cancer of the breast because it lowers the estrogen levels.

Moreover, people who live with an unhealthy lifestyle is more prone to having breast cancer.
Bad lifestyle such as drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, particularly drinking more than 3 glasses of alcohol a day has 1.5 higher risk than those who don’t drink.
Obesity also play a role on the development of breast cancer, especially in the case of menopausal women. This is because higher weight has higher levels of estrogen.

You have to remember that you will not want to underestimate the little changes that you can notice in your body because these might be the warning signs of a severe disease. Be aware and do whatever it takes to prevent further damage to your entire health.

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