These are the seven unhealthy habits that can cause a bloated stomach

On the streets, malls, restaurants, even maybe at your own home, you often see people with big tummy or bloated stomach. This sight has become very common to most people that others even call it an “epidemic”.

Most cases, if not all, cases of bloated stomach happens typically because of stress, too much exposure to pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle.
The bloated stomach is extremely uncomfortable and it is sometimes a painful experience. It is a situation when the abdomen feels full and gaseous, and may also be noticeably swollen.
As a lot of people have numerous unhealthy habits then it only worsen their entire health.

Bloating is a kind of condition which affects a huge number of people, and as stated, because of their unhealthy lifestyles.
As a matter of fact, they practice these habits every day without even recognizing that they obstruct their digestion and makes them feel bloated that will lead to indigestion and acidic reflux.
And in return, they feel a high concentration of gas in their stomach that that they can’t seem to let out. That’s why bloated stomachs are often a little hard when touched.

But the problem of stomach bloating doesn’t stop there, it’s only the beginning. The digestive issues, which include bloating, abdominal pain, as well as acid reflux frequently, happen after consuming a heavy meal just like dairy products or acidic foods.
Fortunately, this article that we have contains some of the unhealthy habits that actually provide severe pain to you.

Here are the top 7 unhealthy habits that can lead to bloating, indigestion and acid reflux:

Alcohol is usually typically known for causing bloat. It could be from the gluten in your favorite wheat or barley that was based from beer or simply from the effect of the alcohol, of any type, can have on your guts.
Carbonated drinks are also part of the ones to blame for bloated stomach. Both of carbonated sodas and drinks can actually refresh and satisfy you when you are thirsty.
Nevertheless, they are not the best option for your body because they give no nutritional benefits and they only contain substances that can actually inflame the stomach and may lead to numerous other digestive issues.

Not consuming enough amount of water is one of the most common bad habits of people. Dehydration can make your body hold onto the fluid that it has. It will eventually result to stomach bloating.
Bloating can also be caused by the overloading of the amount of fiber in your body. Certain foods that are packed with fiber including beans and cruciferous vegetables can actually lead to bloating in people who do not eat them regularly.
Try combining these foods slowly into your regular diet in order to allow the gut to develop the bacteria that is required to break them down.

When one feels stressed, the habit of stress-eating, or simply overeating, are being out to practice.
There are times that bloating is due to certain ingredients and sometimes it is simply because of excessive food consumption.
Consuming regular small meals, will actually help you in countering the urge to eat bigger portions and overeat, which can lead to bloating due to the heavy load of food that requires to be digested at one time.

Basing on the context above, you might’ve guessed the next reason of bloating on our list. Yes, you got that right! It’s stress.
Almost everyone knows that stress is extremely bad for the body. But, have you recognized that gained stress can actually exaggerate the symptoms of acid reflux? Stress increases the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that affects how digestion works.
Note: In order to help in alleviating acid reflux, utilize a variety of stress relieving techniques, which includes meditation, yoga and even acupuncture.

Not only that it is not good for the lungs, smoking can also cause stomach bloating. Because of this kind of activity, numerous harmful chemicals enter your body in that exact moment.
These chemicals have the ability to weaken the muscle that links the stomach and the esophagus that is responsible for preventing food from flowing back onto the esophagus from the stomach.
When this muscle does not function properly, it can lead to heartburn and increased gas accumulation that will eventually result to bloating.

However, bloating, just like any other health issues, may be mistaken as something else which can lead to neglect and misinterpretation.
Hence, it is important to make sure that when you have that gaseous feeling inside of you, it really is bloating.
We also have here the symptoms that you should check if you really are experiencing stomach bloating, or it is just another symptom for another disease.

If you have a fever, rashes in different parts of your body, and if you often have itchy throat and watery eyes, then there’s no mistaken, you are bloated.
You should also check if you are feeling nauseous or have the urge to vomit quite often. If you feel constipated and there is blood in your urine or stool, then you are experiencing stomach bloating.
Other symptoms include always feeling tired and fatigued, groggy head, and irregular period for women.

We hope that this brief and informative article has helped you, share this article so that you can also inform other and it might help them, too.

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