These are the methods to eliminate fleas, ants and cockroaches from our home

At night when it gets dark, we are all afraid of those flying and crawling inside our house. Household pests can really scare our wits and we want nothing to do with them as they scary, sometimes creepy.

Fleas, ants and cockroaches are just some of the examples of common household pests. And because we want to get rid of then, we often buy insecticides.

There are a lot of products that have claimed to be capable of killing these annoying critters, but most of them are full of chemicals that can be harmful, if not lethal.

There are other circumstances when you had to get out of your house for sometime because the insecticides that were applied are toxic and can be very dangerous to your health.

Another troubling thing about chemicals included in insecticides are very harmful to children. Researches have proven that children exposed to insecticides have greater risks of having different types of cancer when they grow up, or even at their young age.

It has been concluded by experts that such children are more likely to have cancer in the blood such as leukemia and lymphoma.

They are 47% more prone to the former and 43% to the latter, than the other kids who have not been exposed to chemicals.

So instead of using these chemicals and toxins that can bring harm to you and your family’s health, try using other alternatives which are safer and much cheaper.

There is a huge number of safer home remedies can actually eliminate all of those household pests.

You can now get rid of those fleas, ants and cockroaches with the help of common household products, as well as good hygiene practices.

To help you with your household pests problems, here are the safe and amazing methods to eliminate fleas, ants and cockroaches.

The first alternative that you can do is to use dishwashing detergent against fleas. You read it right! Dishwashing detergents don’t just clean your plates and other utensils, it can also kill household pests such as fleas.

You see, dishwashing detergent is like a homogeneous poison to fleas.

You can also try to wash and vacuum everything. The first step that you need to take before removing the fleas in your house is to get rid of their eggs and larvae first.

This is so you can be sure that they have no way of returning to your premises. In order for you to do that, make sure to wash and vacuum everywhere and everything where fleas might be hiding.

Spend at least a day washing everything inside your house that they might live in.

Have you ever see scattered salt in your home and your mom or grandmother told you not to do anything about it?

You must’ve thought of it as mere wasting or they are just lazy to clean it up but you are terribly mistaken. They did that to kill those household pests that have been a bother to your place for a long time.

This may actually sound odd and weird, but believe when I say that putting salt in your carpet is very effective on removing pests.

Insecticides which contains chemicals and other toxins are indeed dangerous, but improvised spray which, on the other hand, contains herbal substances that has no bad effects and are not harmful are out of the question.

Once you have already controlled the early flea population and gotten rid of their eggs and larvae, you can try to create your own natural products in order to keep the fleas away.

Try to include lemon and rosemary in your spray, they can help keep fleas away.

Ants at home usually stay in small holes in your place. Typically, they do not sting nor bite but there are some instances that they do especially win the case of red ants.

Forget about the harmful chemicals that can also stink up your entire house, you can try to deter ants with household products.

You can also try making traps for ants so you can get rid many, if not all, at the same time.

But first thing’s first, you should look for the nest of the ants. You have to be extra careful because there are aggressive ants that can actually bite you painfully.

Pour boiling water into the entrance of the nest and then it will simply flow all throughout the tunnels and will eventually kill the colony. You can also use a solution of camphor oil and methylated spirits.

Your goal is to kill the queen, who is responsible for reproducing the entire colony.

In the case of cockroaches, you can try to starve or discourage them from luring around your house by putting natural chemicals whose scent cannot be stand by cockroaches.

There are also other alternatives such as using baits to catch them. But you have to be extremely careful and fast if you don’t want the cockroaches to break free.

You could set the traps near water because cockroaches needs it. They could go on without food but not with water so it’s safe to say that they will go to extended lengths just to get it.

The most natural and easiest thing to do, however, if you don’t want household pests in your home is to be clean. Clean your house everyday and no pests will come to haunt you.

But if worse comes to worst and at some point you may actually need to use a chemical bug spray or insecticide bomb, or even call some professionals, just make sure not to be in their way.

Before doing so, try these natural home remedies first because they are a lot better for your family, pets and environment, as well.

But if you have a soft heart and you don’t mind seeing household pests once in a while then you don’t have to kill them. Specially when it has been proven that 97% of insects at home are either beneficial or just innocent bystanders.

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