These are the benefits of Tawa-tawa plant that everyone should know

Tawa-Tawa plant has been known as one of the most widespread herbal medicines in the Philippines that can counter dengue.

Tawa-Tawa or also known in its scientific name as Euphorbia Hirta, is not any random plant that you can just pick up and throw away anywhere just a simple plant that you can.

You will be missing many of the plant’s health benefits if you will do so. It has been proven that tawa-tawa plant can be used to treat dengue. Not only by scientific studies conducted by health experts, but also from a series of testimonies of people who experienced its healing powers.

Even dengue’s worst, stage 4, can also be countered by this plant.

Despite its rather funny name, the plant cannot be ridiculed in terms of health benefits because it really has a lot to give.

Tawa-Tawa, as proven many times, can cure dengue, but that is not all this plant can boast of. It is also beneficial in curing many common and variety of illnesses.

Aside of treating dengue, here are some of the other health benefits of Tawa-Tawa, an herbal plant:

According to studies, this plant is an excellent antibacterial, anti-ameba, and anti-fungal agent, and is non-cytotoxic, which is important and effective in curing amoeba and even fungal infection.

The preparation for this is super ease. All you have to do is to prepare and boil 25grams of this plant in every two cups of water. Make sure to keep up the heat for 3-4 minutes.

Taka around three to five cups in a daily basis until you gets your desired result.

Tawa-Tawa is an amazing remedy for people who are suffering from asthma and bronchitis because it has the ability to break up the mucus and to soothe the spams, making it easier to breathe.

Just simply prepare a teaspoon of leaves per cup of water for about 10 minutes. Consume up to three to four glasses regularly or you can form the leaves into cigarettes and burn them.

Breathe in the smoke coming from it for a better and more effective result.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and coffee can actually result to the excretion of fluids in the body, thus giving a diuretic effect.

If a person suffers from diarrhea or loose bowel movement, then quick loss of fluid in the body may also happen, which can eventually result to dehydration that can be fatal.

If dehydration does occuur, Tawa-Tawa ca assist you in order to rehydrate your body because it contains active extracts or phytochemical tannins and flavonoids that help develop water absorption and electrolyte re-absorption.

As mentioned earlier, this plant can be used not only for curing dengue but also for treating different skin diseases which includes sores, fungi, boils and even open wounds.

To do so, you need the fresh sap of the plant, or apply fresh latex to any skin problem that was mentioned and sprinkle dried or fresh powdered leaves of Tawa-Tawa as wound dressings.

In open wounds, the dried powder leaves of Tawa-Tawa can also be applied.

Tawa-Tawa plant can be used for galactagogic purposes as well.

This plant is also great in stimulating breast milk for those breastfeeding mothers who are having difficulties on producing milk or lacks milk production for their newly born babies.

To solve this problem, massage fresh latex to the breast in order to develop and enhance the flow of the milk. Root decoction can also be used with the same preparation with antibacterial.

Oral Ulcers and the stinging pain that they cause to people can also be lessen using the Tawa-Tawa plant which kills bacteria.

This plant is widely known to be really effective in treating those people who are suffering from an oral ulcer or canker sore.

By simply using TawaTawa tea to gargle, you can get rid of those bacteria in your mouth, your oral ulcer will heal, and the pain will be gone.

Aside from treating numerous illnesses, the tea of this plant can also be used as a great relaxing agent that can effectively relieve your anxiety and stress at the same time.

If days have been very stressful to you, all you have to do is to boil up to 50 grams of fresh Tawa-Tawa leaves in 4 cups of water for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

After doing so, drink this remedy for about 3 to 5 times on a daily basis for a better and faster result.

Tawa-Tawa can also be found in some capsules, tea and even powders.

However, although Tawa-Tawa herbal medicine is extremely amazing and truly effective against the said conditions above but you should still consider taking a lot of caution in using this.

Excessive dosage of this herbal medicine can result to gastrointestinal reactions, vomiting and even nausea.
Prolonged consumption may interfere with iron absorption, too.

Always put in your mind that this herbal is not recommended for pregnant women. Ask your doctor first before using this kind of herbal medicine.

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