These are the things that happen to our body when someone breaks our heart

Out of all the pains that one could experience in life, a heartbreak could pass as the most terrible one. It’s reckless, deceitful and treacherous.

Heartbreak is a terrifying enemy because you are facing against yourself. The struggle of self blame could get you exhausted and even traumatized.

There’s this constant pain in the chest and a feeling of emptiness. The scars will remind you of ‘what ifs’ and ‘should’ve been’ and will got you thinking about the good times you spent together with the one you love.

But just as a heartbreak can break you, it can also make you into a better version of yourself.

How could something so beautiful such as love can fall into the melancholy of a heartbreak?

There are many things that can hurt a person’s feelings. Sometimes because of disappointments and betrayals, it can also be caused by hurtful words or even physical abuses. That is why it is important to always be sensitive of people’s feelings so you won’t unintentionally hurt someone.

In order to understand what people with broken hearts are going through, here are some of the things that they are or may be experiencing.

A heartbreak doesn’t only mean emotional pain, it also affects the physical body of the person.

Someone can experience headaches, stomachaches, and even literal heartaches when got his heart broken. Physical pain can torment any part of a person’s body especially when his heartbreak is just too much to bear.

Such pain can even happen in various forms and degrees, depending on how a person takes care or neglect his on body.

Increased amount of stress levels are extremely complicated which can result to even more difficult body dysfunctions if not treated well.

As a heartbreak can wear a person down, the body weakens and is now prone to dysfunctions such as hair loss. Too much stress can make someone undergo irregular hair loss if not gotten immediate professional care.

Effective ways to deal with stress are taking enough rest, leisure and even relaxation.

Heartbreaks can either result to an extreme case of weight loss or severe case of weight gain.

The change physical changes may vary depending on the type of person you are. There are some people who lost their appetites and do not eat much because of their broken hearts, while some tend to escape their reality by binge eating and drowning their unluckiness with food.

No matter which case, it is not very good for the health.

A broken heart can also lead to inability to stay focus.

There may be times when you see yourself doing things that you don’t usually do, or walking into a room for a certain purpose then eventually forgetting why you even went there in the first place. You start being clumsy and tend to make mistakes even at your daily routines.

You will also have troubles falling asleep. When you close your eyes you will just think of that person you love who already walked away from your life. There is nothing you can do about it so you just let yourself be tormented with his memories and insomnia every night.

One of the most typical and inevitable result of a heartbreak is depression.

Parting ways or being separated with someone you hold dear can actually be very mentally deteriorating. Numerous people became psychologically unstable due to their painful experience and are facing severe sadness.

Cases of depression, though, can not be taken lightly and must be given the right treatment accordingly before it ends up with a far greater loss.

Study has shown that traumatic experiences which includes heartbreak can actually make the beat of the heart slow down. Your heart rate may be slowing and your circulatory system may eventually be put at risk.

A person is also more prone to infections and diseases because of a broken heart. The enormous stress that heartbroken people are going through can actually weaken their immune system.

You have to visit your doctor if this happens because you can literary die from a broken heart.

Withdrawal Syndrome is also something to look out for when someone experiences a heartbreak.

When someone has deeply invested on another person for a long period of time, when someone is already used to having that person he hold dear on all the things he do, and then suddenly he’s forced to cut that person out of his life unexpectedly, then you have to expect that some weird withdrawal symptoms may happen.

Just like an addict who has been forced to quit something, a person will surely have a very difficult type to cope up.

You also became more vulnerable to both pain and anguish now more than you ever have before.

Upsetting comments and sarcastic remarks can hurt you so much now than they usually would due to your vulnerability and heightened sensitivity.

Because you actually know that you are weak and fragile, you will lock yourself somewhere and refuse to see anyone. Heartbroken people tend to be alone because they think that no one can hurt them anymore if they do that.

They don’t want to see people and don’t want to burden their friends with their current situation.

Excessive stress can actually result to delayed menstrual period and menstrual cramps based on scientific studies.

Heightened levels of stress in the body could bring not only emotional pain but also physical ones that is usually brought by cramps, thus it becomes more stressing for them.

The severe stress that was brought emotionally by heartbreak, and physically by period cramps, are more than enough to change the menstrual cycle of a girl in ways that other stressful situations don’t.

The worst possible experience that a person has to deal with after a heartbreak is self-doubt.

Especially when you were the one who got left behind and was left hanging, you will begin to question your worth in this world. You will ask yourself what went wrong and eventually blame yourself for everything. You will be scared to whether you will be able to find love again or not being able to move on.

Your confidence will fade and your wounds will be deepened.

No matter how bad your heartbreak was, no matter how hurt you were once, it is never too late to pick yourself up and begin again.


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