7 Dangerous symptom of a silent stroke and another one will soon follow

A stroke is a sudden stop of blood supply to the part of the brain, due to a blockage of certain veins. Some people were not aware that they already have stroke.

Silent Stroke’s symptoms are not easy to be recognize by people but they may cause permanent damage in your brain.

Stroke doesn’t particularly affect only those people who are old enough but it may happen to affect people at any age.

One of the most important things that a person should possess is the ability to recognize the early signs of stroke and ask for medical help.

Here, are the most common signs of stroke:

1. Loss of Vision or Blurry Vision

Stroke starts with the eyes which weakens eyesight, either one eye or both of them.

It is said that 44% of those people who have experienced stroke first lose their vision before actually their stroke occurred.

If the part of your brain that controls and receives information from your eyes is affected by your stroke, then this can cause problems with your vision.

2. Sudden Headache or Vertigo

According to Medicine.Net, someone who is suffering from stroke may experience unexpected problems with balance, as well as coordination.

You have to note that a couple of these symptoms can happen in the case of migraine, too, so it could be worth asking the affected person if the headache is out of the ordinary for them.

As soon as possible, you have to consult your doctor because it is already a clear sign.

3. Trouble in Speaking and Understanding speech

There are days where confusion arises without even further notice. You can also start to feel deliriousness which makes you not able to speak properly and ended up to confusion.

People having a stroke may slur their speech or have trouble speaking at all.

Speech may be incomprehensible. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence and look for any speech abnormality.

4. Loss of Balance or Trouble in Walking

One of the common indication of stroke is the unexpected feeling of general weakness and sluggishness in both upper and lower limbs.

Some people who experienced stroke, suffered from paralysis and more often collapse.

Paralysis is a common sign of stroke and if definitely requires medical attention. If you’re experiencing loss of balance it is time to go for a check up.

5. Pain or drooping on the other half of the face

Stoke is not usually accompanied by pain, but if you feel sudden tingle in the half of your face,

you might be dealing with stroke soon.

Facial Paralysis is most commonly one of the symptoms of stroke and it is usually occur only on the other half of the face which said to become paralyzed.

6. Headaches and Migraines

Studies have shown that migraine is a common symptom of stroke which often occurs in women.

Scientists have found out that 588 of their volunteers who once had a stroke with sharp headache are mostly young people who often deal with migraine.

An unexpected and severe headache can indicate as a symptom of stroke, particularly when it is combined with other symptoms, according to WebMD.


10. Inability to catch breath or Tremors

Sudden loss of breath and difficulty in catching air to breath are often present during the stroke. The heart arrhythmia occurs as a result of lack of oxygen.

Prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent stroke and avoid the symptoms given above, you should keep in your mind that living a healthy life is necessary,

be more active, sleep in time and rest. Avoid vices such as alcohol and cigarettes. Always pay attention to your weight.

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