10 Habits that could potentially damage one’s brain if not avoided.

Your brain is an extremely complex and delicate organ that takes direct or indirect action in all bodily processes.  It regulates homeostatic functions like heartbeats, fluid balance, blood pressure, hormonal balance and body temperature.

It is responsible for movement, cognition, learning, memory, human emotions, and therefore, overall health.

According to numerous scientific studies the way in which one lives ones life could damage brain cells over short or long term periods, leading to the development of degenerative diseases and several other conditions.

On the other hand, doing positive activities, like eating a balanced diet and physical exercise, activates the brain and makes it healthy once again.

Here are the 10 habits that can negatively affect your brain when you continue to do in your life:

Boredom or Loneliness

A term that is known as Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to think its flexibility level, which keeps the memories alive and it also create new creations.

There’s nothing quite like thinking, having intelligent conversations, reading a book, or working through a word search to stimulate your brain.

having lack of intellectual connection with other habits that you usually do will lead to a decline in the flexibility of the brain.

Not having breakfast in the morning

It is a fact that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and if you don’t eat your breakfast,

you are losing the best part where your body requires most of the nutrients and energy in the morning so that you can actually use the consume nutrients in the entire day.

Without breakfast, it can slow down your metabolism, and your brain will eventually lead to shutting down and will also lose its alertness.


Eating foods that the body does not need causes an accumulation of residual substances in the form of fats and hardening of the cerebral arteries, which impact its correct functioning.

Overeating may reduce brain function. High caloric intake could raise the risk of memory loss. Eating too many calories may do more than just expand your midsection.

Increased fatty acids induce inflammation and that, in turn, can further worsen insulin resistance, which is the core defect in type 2 diabetes.

Health Medications and taking up medicine with brain damaging factors

Whenever you are doing some kind of health modification from sickness, your immune system is working heavily in order to fight against both of infections and aggravation.

Working with illness will prolong its length it will just increase the chances and possibilities of brain problems.

It is best to consult your doctor before using any form of medication as you can possibly damage your health with the wrong diagnosis.

Too  much Alcohol

Difficulty walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory: Clearly, alcohol affects the brain. Some of these impairments are detectable after only one or two drinks and quickly resolve when drinking stops.

Alcohol could ruin the organs, primarily the nervous system, the liver, and the heart.  It impacts the chemical reactions that take place in the brain.

Alcoholism also kills neurons and reduces the speed with which nerve impulses are transmitted.

Reticence or a very silent type of person

There is a big difference between verbal communication,

as well as written form because both of these forms of communication use different parts of the brain.

Being lack of both socialization and interaction with other people can actually lead to anxiety and lack of confidence that causes the brain to become unhealthy.

Insufficient sleep

Having a regular and quality amount of sleep is the most essential for the entire health, which includes the brain.

Whenever you are sleeping, the performance of the brain is being composed of activities such as storing memories and removing the toxins.

A research, conducted with 15 healthy young men, revealed that after a single night of total sleep loss, blood concentration in brain cells rose by 20 percent, to levels that can signify neural damage


Cigarette smoking can actually result to damage in neuronal viability, as well as the cell membranes in the inner part of your midbrain.

This part of the brain is involved in both fine and gross motor functions. Nevertheless, you will reverse all of its bad effects while eating healthy foods.

Heavy ex-smokers who hadn’t smoked for more than 25 years still had a thinner cortex than nonsmokers

High consumption of Sugar

It is extremely detrimental for every cell tissue and body organs in the body if you treat it badly as you consume sugary foods that can lead to your brain to be associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Chronic sugar intake triggers changes to hippocampus the area of the brain, which is important for both memory and stress.

Constant exposure to contaminated environments

It has been discovered that air pollution can actually lead to cognitive impair and brain shrinking.

Everything that people breathe affects the entire health which eventually being absorb by the skin and reaches the bloodstream and affects every single organ, particularly the brain.

When armful air pollutants lead to inflammation and artery blockages in the arteries that nourish the
brain, they can lead to stroke. Stroke is an important cause of incapacitation and of death.

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