Stop throwing away banana peels: 10 Ways you can use them!

Despite it’s delicious taste, banana has a lot of health benefits. Bananas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Yet, all of us usually throw away their peels, even though they are extremely useful.


In case of headache you should place a banana peel across the forehead, and the back of the neck. A neurologist specializing in headache treatments responded to an Ann Landers’ column

in which it was suggested that a banana peel across the forehead and across the back of the neck would help relieve headaches, perhaps because of the potassium in the peel.

The doctor stated, “Headache is not always a minor disorder that responds easily to such simple cures.


According to, warts usually disappear on their own without any treatment. Because they can cause embarrassment;

however, many people choose to expedite the healing process by using over-the-counter and natural remedies. Banana peels, for example, are commonly used to help get rid of warts faster.

All you need to do is rub the inner side of a banana peel on the affeed area, or place a small piece on the wart, and secure it with a bandage.


In general, banana peel has minerals and antioxidants that protect the skin from external damages such as the sun’s heat and keep it supple.

To be specific, banana peel consists of esterified fatty acids which can help fight eczema and psoriasis.

Just apply the peel on the affected area 1-2 times daily, and the effects will be visible in a few days.

Itches and Rashes

If you get bitten by a mosquito or stumble into a bit of poison ivy/oak/sumac/whatever,

rubbing a banana peel on the affected area can moisturize and neutralize some of the itching.

Note that it will just alleviate some of the itching—it won’t solve the root problem, like the oils that poison plants leave on your skin.


Banana peels are great in case of hemorrhoids.  The banana peel will soothe the swollen tissue and will alleviate the itching at the same time.

All you need to do is to rub a peel on the area for 1 minute and repeat the procedure 2 times daily.

Note: This will just give you relief and will not cure your hemorrhoids, if it persist we suggest going to the doctor and have it checked.

Removes Splinters

Got splinters? Don’t reach for the tweezers – according to Wikimommy there’s an easier way to get rid of those pesky ouchies. Just get some bananas:

Banana peels are said to be very effective in removing splinters.

Simply tape a peel to your splinter, and leave on for 5-10 minutes. The enzymes will help dislodge the splinter and heal the wound.


Putting banana peel in your compost pile will help add calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphates, potassium and sodium,

all of which are important to the healthy growth of both flowering and fruiting plants. Bananas in compost also help add healthy organic material,

which help the compost retain water and make soil lighter when added to your garden.

Banish Garden Bugs

Aphids are common (and annoying!) bugs that can move in uninvited into your garden.

To get rid of them without the need for inhumane methods or toxic chemicals, simply place some cut up banana peels into a few 1-inch holes around the base of some your aphid-infested plants.

The little buggers are turned off by all the potassium, so it shouldn’t be long before they take the message and split!

Natural Shoe polish

Don’t have time to visit a shoe shiner? Remove those scuff marks yourself by gently rubbing the inside of the peel against your favorite pair of leather boots,

dress shoes, or heels. When you’re done, simply wipe down the shoes with a clean cloth. The potassium and mild-waxiness from the peel absorbs into the leather

and helps diminish the appearance of scuffs and water damage. Who ever thought you could buff with a banana!

Polish Your Fine Silver

The oils within a banana peel can help brighten up your dull silver without the need for harsh or toxic substances.

What to do: make a paste by tossing a few banana peels and some fresh water in a blender. Then, using a soft rag, gently buff your silver jewelry, dish ware, or whatever else you’ve got around the house.

When you’re done, rinse off your silver with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.

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