Top 8 ways how some men destroys their marriage. Must read.

People need to understand that Marriage is not always about love. It’s more of a choice. You choose to be with your partner through thick and thin.

You choose to sacrifice your happiness for your partner. It’s not just about Love. Love is essential but it’s not the only thing that is essential.

1. Not caring about what a woman is thinking

The mind of a woman is highly complex. They notice even the minor details about the one they love.

They follow their every move because they are highly committed to them.

You know that she feels insecure when you look at other women and no matter how much she trusts you, she will need reassurance that you are still faithful to her and love her and respect her feelings.

2. Forgetting the Importance of small gestures

Simple gestures of love can lighten her up. If you’re just focusing on grand gestures,

then she might feel like you are doing them because you feel guilty and covering up for your little deficiencies.

Leave a text that says ‘I Love you’ every once in a while, this little thing can be enough for the woman to feel loved and important in the relationship.

3. Letting anger get the best of you

Whenever men are having a hard time in life, they think that by not involving their spouse in these things,

they’re doing them a huge favor.That’s highly not true at all.

All their doing is closing their partner off and harboring all that bitterness and anger inside them which is poison to their veins. This can be a time bomb that can ruin a beautiful relationship.

4. Not taking responsibility for your actions

If you have done something wrong, it is time to be a man if you want to save your marriage.

Stop blaming your mistakes on someone else. You are responsible for the implications of what your actions bring. The first step to taking responsibility is acceptance.

Accept that you made a mistake and admit to your partner that you have made that mistake.

5. Going for someone who is not compatible with you or not ready for marriage

A woman who has incompatibilities with the man will have the same incompatibilities after the marriage.

If she is dominant and a control freak before the marriage, this won’t just magically change after the marriage.

It is better to gauge what both of your personalities are and look if you are able to accept each other’s personality without resorting to a fight.

6. The Silent treatment

Communication is highly important in a relationship. When two couples stop talking to each other,

the distance starts to grow and there comes a point when your partner becomes a stranger to you. You have nothing left to talk about if you leave things be.

Emotional intimacy is very important and it can only be maintained if you have a soul to soul connection with your partner.

7. Being Judgmental and always trying to fix her

Women are very sensitive beings. Sometimes, they will have problems and they will just want someone to listen to them.

They don’t want answers. They just want someone to be with them in these rough times until they figure out a solution.

If a man is being pushy and forcing her to make decisions all the time and judging, then it will circumvent a woman’s freedom. She will feel less independent and insecure. She will feel that someone is taking away her freedom.

8. Never Saying “I’m Sorry.”

All marriages have fights and arguments. The trick is to identify the limit which will take the argument too far. You need to ask yourself that is winning an argument more important than your marriage?

Sometimes, walking away from an argument can make your love stronger. It can strengthen the bond between you two.

If you can resolve a conflict by just saying, “I’m sorry’’ then you shouldn’t let your ego get in the way. If your partner loves you, they will make sure that they do no alleviate your self-esteem.

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