This are the health benefits of saging na saba that many people probably do not know.

According to the latest survey, a lot of people consume more bananas each year than any of those other fresh fruits that are available to the market. You will not be surprised and it is no wonder because they can be easily grab and go when you are really hungry and needed something to eat. However, aside of being very convenient, bananas are good for your health too, particularly the cardava bananas or also known as Saba in the Philippines.

Even though most of the Filipinos preferred to consume it in a raw form, the DMAM have said that when you eat cooked banana, you will only get a minimum amount of its nutrients because it had already lost its value due to the process that it had undergo in cooking.

With the help of this article, we will be showing you some of the health benefits that you can actually get and obtain from adding banana on your daily diet. Be amazed and see it yourself the amazing things that banana can actually bring you.

Here are some of the health benefits from consuming bananas:

  • It has the ability to regulate the circulatory system of the body

This amazing fruit is loaded with a huge amount potassium that is really beneficial in regulating the circulatory system of the body by simply delivering oxygen to the brain which helps in maintaining the regular and healthy heart beat of a person and even the proper balance of water inside the body. It is also known to be the best in lessening the risk of suffering from stroke and it also regulates the blood pressure levels. To make it short, saging na saba in Filipino is good at promoting the entire circulatory system of the body of a person.

  • It is a great source of vitamins, minerals and even natural energy

If you usually get easily tried during the daily activities that you are doing on a daily basis and you mostly feel like your energy is being drained, then all you need to do is to consume at least two (2) pieces of banana and you will be amazed because it will surely provide you with enough amount of energy that would help your body to bring back its energy. You do not have to consume any food that contains caffeine just to have energy because you can now do it on a natural way. It is also loaded with different kinds of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body to stay healthy and live a long life.

  • It can actually help in the prevention of constipation

Banana has been known as a natural source of fiber. Due to this reason, it has the ability to help you in getting rid of your bowels in the right way and direction. If you feel constipated, banana can actually help you in restoring your bowel movement and even lessen issues that are related with constipation without causing diarrhea. It is one of the traditional ways that most Filipino does when a person is suffering from either constipation of diarrhea.

  • It can also help in getting rid of hangover after drinking too much

Excessive or too much consumption of alcohol has the ability to get rid of the supply of potassium in your body. Fortunately, bananas can fill you back up with the help of its essential mineral as soon as possible, safely and without spending too much of money. If you already anticipated that the morning after you drink is going to be a hard one, just simply put some pieces of bananas on your bedside table. Without a hint of doubt, after a long night of drinking alcohol, you will definitely get hangover in the next morning. Banana is a great source of vitamins that can help you in replenishing the body which lessens the effect of hangover in you. It is one of the best tips that we can actually give, particularly to those people who loves drinking and hates waking up with a headache.

  • It will also help you in quitting smoking

Are you one of those people who are having a real hard time of quitting smoking? Good news! Banana has the ability to help you with that problem because it is consists of Vitamin B and other types of minerals that can actually lessen the effect of nicotine inside the body. Furthermore, B6 Vitamins can also aid in decreasing menstrual pain in women and even regulate the temperature of pregnant women. Bananas can also help most of people who are trying to stop themselves from smoking, as the high levels of Vitamins such as A, B6, B12, and C that they contain, as well as the minerals like potassium and magnesium that can be found in it will be able to help the body in recovering from the negative effects that withdrawal of nicotine has.

  • It can also help you in relieving pain from ulcer

Last but not the least; banana has the ability to help in decreasing the acidity inside the stomach, lessening the irritation from the digestive system, as well as to promote intestinal health through leaving a protecting coating on its most inner walls. If you are suffering from an unexpected and sudden heartburn, banana may also work as a natural antacid that can help in soothing the burn as fast as possible. The banana is also used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders due to its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be consumed even without distressing in over chronic ulcer cases. It is good for the health of your stomach.

After knowing all of the health benefits that you can get from consuming banana, what will you do now? Try to include it on your regular diet and be amazed on its health benefits. You can also share this article to your family and friends to help them be informed about the great things of eating banana.

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