Avoid marrying someone who has these 12 bad habits

Marriage is something that most people seek, each with their own reasons. Some got married for convenience, others for money. But many still dream of finding love.

It’s a dream of most people to meet and marry that one person he or she will love forever and be his or her companion even when their hairs turned grey.

However, it’s not easy to find a person that is reliable, trustworthy and responsible these days (no offense guys),

Now, if you are thinking about getting married, then read this article to take note on what character to look for a person who you should NOT marry!

1. A Narrow-minded person and someone who do not trust you completely will always put restrictions on you no matter how loyal you or how much you love that person.

That person will always stop you from doing things that you love but he/ she doesn’t, and will also limit you from hanging out with your friends of opposite gender. These conditions will always be there.

That person will stop you from doing normal things in life, in fear of something bad will happen. It can turn out to be a nightmare!

2. A person who hates animals isn’t worthy of you time and most importantly, your love.

A person who hates animals is an animal himself/herself and lacks empathy! Being allergic is a different thing but hating animals is out of the question. If you have to choose between someone who hates animals or your pet. Always choose your pet.

You can’t expect someone who couldn’t give even tiny bits of love to pets and other animals to learn to love you right.

3. If the relationship rules mean nothing to him/her, then don’t marry that person.

Every relationship has some ground rules, and if that person keeps on breaking them, it means that person has no respect for you or your relationship.

If he or she goes off the line again and again, then it indicates that person is not worth your time and love so it’s better to just end the relationship.

4. Aside from those who break rules, be careful also on those who always break promises.If he/she keeps on breaking promises then that person is making a fool out of you. He/she does not care about what you think or say. If that person you intend to marry cannot keep a simple promise, then forget about him/her keeping the promise of forever which is marriage.5. Also, stay away from consistent liars. There are white lies which are l told for good purpose and are justifiable, but lies that affect your relationship needs to be confronted.

The link is made with trust and believing each other. If he/she breaks the code of understanding in the relationship, this person will damage the relationship like termite damages wood over time.

6. If someone keeps the fights alive, then think twice before marrying that person.

True enough, once in a while fights in relationships are good and sometimes healthy, but if they are never ending then something must be wrong either with you, your partner, or the relationship itself.

Life and relations are full of compromises so if that person is not listening to your point of view and just imposes his/her decisions then that person is just listening and not understanding what you are saying. Surely, that kind of person is not worth your time.

7. This is very very important. NEVER marry someone who hates his/her family.

The family is where we were born and raised, and we cannot just simply hate our family. Remember that people who shows no respect and love to their parents will probably the same thing to you when you got married.

8. Stay away from an abusive person. Love knows nothing about violence, be it physical or emotional so it’s better to stay away from a person who is violent!

Remember that getting into a relationship with someone who cannot control their anger, will be the biggest mistake of your life.

9. Open talks with your partner keeps the relationship stronger. So, don’t be with someone who is just good at killing conversations.

This type of person is a good talker and is awesome but when you have to say something he/she cuts you in between and starts his/her story. It’s basically saying ‘I don’t care about what you have to say.’

This person kills every conversation and shows how insignificant you are and your thoughts for him. You cannot be ignored like that all your life.

10. Someone who is immature in his/her affairs is someone you shouldn’t marry because it will be like raising a spoiled brat.

When that person didn’t get what he/she wants, he/she will start to argue and end up cutting people off. This person only cares for oneself and treats people around him/her hastily.

This just shows that that person has no respect to others and only do things for his/her benefit so stay away from someone like this. Besides, you can’t expect someone who has no social courtesy to treat you right.

11. Take note: Showing affection is different from just being clingy.

Settling down with someone too clingy will be like tying yourself with a 2 year old child who can’t bear to be without his parents. When your partner starts clinging to you more than usual, it either means that they have insecurity issues or they don’t trust you with your actions. Clingy partners are a no-no!

A mature relationship requires two independent people who can bear being away from each other for some time for the sake of their busy adult lives.

12. Lastly, let go of someone who gives you secondary treatment. It gets messy when one of the two people is more into the relationship than the other one.

Sure, there are more things in life that should be given priority, but setting you aside all the time and treating you like a past time is not right.

There is no point on being in such an empty relationship so do not marry the guy who gives you secondary treatment. Learn to love yourself and know that you, too, deserves to be someone’s top priority.

So when you are planning on settling down, make sure your partner do not possess these characteristics and your married life will be better.

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