9 Habits of men that can make any woman’s heart melt

These days, as gender roles are progressing to become more equal some men get confused on how to treat their lady, like a lady. Unlike in the days of the past where there is almost a guideline on proper decorum on how a lady is expected to be treated and how men must keep the gentlemanly manner, the rules slowly become more and more blurred.

In modern dating, women might want to break from the image of a damsel in distress and become more empowered so they will be more assertive. However, this must not be taken the wrong way.
Most likely, a woman will still very much appreciate a gentleman’s sincerity and effort, therefore it is safe to say that reviving the art of chivalry is something modern men should consider.
If you are ever confused or clueless on how chivalry works, we got your back! Here are some tips and tricks to help you sweep your special lady off her feet!

1. Picking Her Up For A Date. Let’s start from the most basic. A gentleman would likely make sure that his date will experience an absolute great night, including the start of the date which is meeting up.
If you are to show that you are sincere to particular someone you’d make sure that they will be taken care of, especially if you know that they don’t drive. This will appear to them that you are willing to save them the trouble of finding their way to meet you.
Also, note that waiting for her in your car defeats the whole purpose. It is best to walk up to her door.

2. Opening the Door for Her. Alright, alright, alright. To some men this could be ridiculous; but in reality men of the past has always been so polite to a woman that it is common knowledge to hold or open the door for them.
It may be a small gesture but it shows a great deal of tenderness. It shows appreciation and caring.
Opening the door for a girl also proves that you are a gentleman and believe me, you’ll get an extra point for that.

3. Being Mindful If She Feels Cold. Making sure that she is comfortable most of the time means you should be wary of how she feels.
Attending or helping her when she puts on her coat is somewhat a way to show your affection, in most cases you might need to offer your own jacket if she doesn’t have anything to warm her up.
Like when you go on movie dates or places where it really gets cold, she’ll appreciate it if you could keep her warm.

4. Offering Food Or Drink From Your Share. More than making her feel more comfortable, it also signifies how selfless you are.
Offering her an option could send the idea that her wants is more of a priority compared to your cravings. On top of that, it will seem that you would like her to experience what you are tasting too.
It is indeed more than sharing food, it’s more like sharing whatever great experience you are having too.

5. Guarding Her with Your Presence and Body. Protecting her and making her feel safe exudes so much masculinity. Any lady will most definitely pick up on that area.
She’ll know when you are helping her navigate through a crowd, walking on her pace so that she wouldn’t have to catch up on your speed, making sure she’s on the right side of the sidewalk whenever you’re together.
These little acts will surely not go unnoticed. There is nothing sexier than a man using his physique to take care of a woman.

6. Surprising Her With Flowers. It might not have to be necessarily flowers to keep her surprised; however when in doubt, remember that flowers has the charms to melt anyone’s heart(that is, of course if they aren’t allergic to them.)
Giving flowers is an art. If you want to go overboard on it you can tell her the meaning of the flowers since most of them convey a meaning
It’s a conversation piece and also lets them know that you think about them.

7. Spending Time with Her Loved Ones. Trying to get along with the people she loves can speak volumes regarding your sincerity.
It eliminates the feeling of being temporary since you show interest in the people she adores. It means you are willing to be a part of her world and if that includes smooching to her parents, then so be it!
Displaying care and affection especially to her family will really melt her heart.

8. Spending Time Doing what She likes. Seeing her interests and actually trying to do those things with her shows how you value the things she likes.
Yes, that might involve endless hours of shopping or watching a corny rom-com, but if you are to spend more time with her in the future you must accept the things she enjoys.
Who knows you might actually end up doing these things together.

9 .Being Respectful. You might think that this is so obvious already, however we are not just pertaining on how you treat her but the way you treat people around you.
A true gentleman is always respectful to others; be it a woman, an elderly, a colleague or a friend. Giving out respect to others regardless of their profession and financial status is a real act of chivalry which never goes unnoticed.
The moment she knows that your respect for other people is unwavering, she’ll realize that you are indeed a kind man and she’ll trust you in everything.

Chivalry isn’t dead. It just changes its form. And only you, gentlemen, can prove it to the world. No need to be a knight in shining armor or a handsome prince with a white horse, all she needs is you. Your kindness, your respect.

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